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Gunfu io


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Gunfu io
Date of creation:2020-01-16
Added:14 August 2020
Played:28,317 times

About Game

Gunfu io is a 2D shooter game online. Enter the crowd of enemies and destroy them with powerful weapons. Let no one stand against you!

How to play
The main goal in Gunfu io is to become a leader among other players. You can see your current account in the upper-right corner. Enter the Top three players and track down the leaders.
Kill them to top the ranking. Run away when there is not enough HP left to recover and rush to the attack with new strength.
Promotion gives you cool guns, but it doesn't protect you from damage. Players don't stay in the top positions for long. Temporary acceleration helps you evade your pursuers or escape from an ambush. The winners are well-aimed and dexterous participants.
There are only two options for fighting in Gongfu IO: shooting and running. Find your winning battle strategy. Do not stand in one place, so as not to become a good target. Take all the improvements in a row.
To go to a new level, you need to kill a certain number of opponents. After completing the level, you get a new weapon: a pistol, machine gun, shotgun, sniper rifle, heavy equipment. If you are killed, your points are reset to zero.Put your enemies on their knees and prove that there is no one cooler than you here.


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