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GoldCub io


- to attack / pick cart
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GoldCub io
Date of creation:2019-11-26
Added:02 August 2020
Played:29,133 times

About Game

GoldCub io - this is an online adventure. Lead one of the four clans and lead them to victory! Fight with other teams, collect gold, and level up your base and character.

Combat mission in Goldcare IO is pacing all over the field. Look at the mini-map: there are four bases in the corners where players start. Choose your character, and pay attention to his unique fighting skills. Play for different classes to determine which one is best for you.
In the center of the map are the most powerful mobs GoldCub io, which is best to swing. Therefore, there, in the center, the most powerful fights are unleashed. The team that holds the middle can be considered the winner, because they have the opportunity to take the most experience. So go there, hold the center and press your opponents to the their corner.
Kill monsters or other players to increase levels and get improvement points.When you take a cart, you can collect gold on the ground and deliver it to the base. When there is enough gold on the base, it improves and gives bonuses to the entire team. You can use the cart to steal gold from enemy command bases. When the base has no gold, it can be destroyed. The last standing team wins

Paladin: can block enemy attacks with a shield. If the attack is blocked, the enemy is stunned
Hunter: places an invisible trap. When the enemy is trapped, they are stunned
Rogue: deals double damage to the back. The ability increases the speed of movement
Priest: treats friendly players with a primary attack. This ability creates a healing aura
Warrior: deals damage to several nearby targets. Ability to stun enemies
Wizard: creates an area that deals damage to enemies


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