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Ganbo io


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Ganbo io
Date of creation:2019-07-09
Added:19 August 2019
Played:52,804 times

About Game

Ganbo io - Game task in Ganbo IO is to collect as many frags for your team. The actual number of points can be seen at the top. The first team to score the required number of points will win. To coordinate actions there is a chat, use it for correspondence.

The main feature of Ganbo io is a cartoon 3D graphics and physics. Bullets flying all over the map. Climb high houses and towers, aim and shoot your opponent all over the map. For those at the bottom have a chance to survive, hiding behind objects in the landscape. If you are badly hit, you can stand still to health automatically replenished. Do not be afraid to die here - the main thing is to aim for victory!

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