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FlapRoyale io


- to flit
- to flit
FlapRoyale io
Date of creation:2019-06-18
Added:26 June 2020
Played:20,128 times

About Game

FlapRoyale io - this is a fun multiplayer game. The birds went on a dangerous journey on a bus and crashed into an obstacle. Help them get to the end of the road!
How to play
The game goal in FlapRoyale Io is to fly your bird as far as possible.To start, practice just flying. Try different angles of flight and passage. Remember the unsuccessful and successful options for entering the openings between pipes. Learn from your mistakes and try to relax during the game - this way you will achieve better results.
You can't touch even the wing of the pipes that stick out from everywhere. The slightest touch and you lose. The only salvation is to learn to adjust the angles of flight so that you understand the moment when you need to flap your wings: not before and not later. It sounds complicated in words, but it's easier to do: fly and win!

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