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Evonite fun


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Evonite fun
Date of creation:2020-03-14
Added:30 August 2020
Played:40,183 times

About Game

Evonite fun - Slash enemies right and left to become the strongest warrior in the arena in this multiplayer and about game.

Attack smaller enemies, so you will have a better chance of staying alive.
You can save yourself by simply running away from large enemies so that they don't kill you in one fell swoop with their powerful weapons. But also you will not be able to run for a long time, because when you run, your experience decreases.

How to play
When you take the lead among the top players in Avonite io, an inscription will appear in the upper-right corner that your game is being recorded, and everyone will be able to see it on the main page. Great motivation to win! Cut down your opponents and get new weapons with each new level.
In the bushes in the arena of the Evolution of a Fighter, you can hide and suddenly, with acceleration, jump out and attack. To avoid being caught off guard, destroy all sorts of bushes on your way, as shown in the screenshot above. Always attack slightly in advance, and do not interfere with very large mixes, where you can be killed by a stray blow.

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