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Cubbe io


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Cubbe io
Date of creation:2019-06-25
Added:31 August 2019
Played:47,319 times

About Game

Cubbe io - is tank game in retro style with some nice improvements. Fight and try to survive on this brutal battlefield. Good luck!

The goal of this game is to score as many points as possible, you can get game points by killing other players,eating cake or gift items. Reach a certain target point to improve your weapons. Each weapon upgrade will add different characteristics and increase your speed, recharge and total damage. You can also upgrade various other properties for your tank and guns. If you destroy another player, you will get game coins and a certain ratio of experience points, each player gets a different reward. For example, a player level 2 will get double reward than level 1 player and so on. So there is a certain momentum that you can use when building your ship. Of course, the longer you are around and the stronger you become, the more likely you are to become a target, especially a victim of other strong players. The prize for the elimination higher level characters will mean that other players have an incentive to hunt down people like you to save their own energy. The game coins you earn can be used to unlock new skins, and the game experience points will be used to improve your items and your ability to carry items.
You also need to beat out the leaders of the battle rating and dominate the map if you want to fight and survive on this battlefield. Your weapons and shields are shown in the upper left corner. Do not activate the shield unnecessarily, it wastes your energy and at its expiration you will die. The same applies to mines. You can run into your own mine, so be very careful with them. The best way to destroy opponents is to sit on their tail and shoot to the bitter end.
Be sure to collect boxes of gifts. There are Goodies like extra experience, increased health, shields and ammunition. For each new level you're getting stronger. The more guns you have, the faster spent ammo. Let everyone at the target and hits the spot! Otherwise, very soon you will have nothing to attack.

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