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Baby Shark io


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Baby Shark io
Date of creation:2020-05-08
Added:20 September 2020
Played:29,556 times

About Game

Baby Shark io -  this is also a survival game in the deep ocean inhabited by sharks. Eat fish and become the biggest predator.

How to play
In the sea of Baby shark IO, plankton appears every now and then-collect it for your growth. The bigger you get, the better. First, with the growth of mass, we can accelerate and swim for a long time on the afterburner, which will allow us to catch up with rivals or run away. And second, with each piece we eat, we get one step closer to the first place. Top ten players.
When one shark destroys another, the dead shark splits into small fish around it. If you hear that somewhere nearby there was a death, then hurry up - you can have time to eat a lot of food for free. Make sure that you yourself are not torn apart while you collect other people's loot. You can sell a shark of the same size to toss them to the side of the big sharks.
A red triangle will appear above the sharks as a warning that they are big enough to eat you if you get too close. They must have 50% more points than you to be a threat. The advice for small sharks who want to grow up is to swim close to big sharks and be prepared if one of them is going to eaten. You have a chance to eat some gems from the eaten shark and grow faster.

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