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GPop io


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GPop io
Date of creation:2020-01-25
Added:12 August 2020
Played:49,891 times

About Game

GPop io - IO game where you have to play the notes of a song, this is a very fun game where you can demonstrate your musical skills.

How to play

this is a musical community of rock fans. There is a lot of modern music here. This amazing music game will test your skills! Choose your favorite YouTube video and customize your own stages. When the notes reach the center of the screen, you must press the correct keys to get a high score. Have fun!

GPop io made for fun, but for competition it is. In the upper-right window, we see the clip. The audio track is playing, and we need to press the specified buttons in time. The better and more accurate we hit, the more points we collect. This is a multiplayer game, so other players can see our progress and compete with you.

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